Our Team

Sales & Marketing, Business Development, Production, Supply Chain, HR, and Finance are just some of our team that is helping WELCO to manage work effectively. Our company values fostering strong bonds with its clients and customers. The provision of post-purchase service is our business sole focus. And to do that, we have a staff of dedicated sales and customer relationship workers that are highly skilled at handling every customer inquiry and capable of offering the finest solution. By offering clients throughout the region with a consistent supply of high-quality lubricants and technical application know-how, our staff and management work as a team, stand tall, and are committed to cultivating the best. Our greatest asset are our team of professionals who have enabled us to touch zenith of success. The abilities and dedication of our workers are what propels the Group forward in every part of the world in the face of todays problems.

Our Infrastructure 

Our infrastructure is made up of divisions that have been modernized and are completely outfitted to manage a variety of commercial operations, including R&D, production, quality control, stocking, and distribution. We believe that technology is the key to success, which is why we've put in place high-speed manufacturing facilities as well as cutting-edge packaging and quality testing tools and gear. To align our potential with current market trends, we also continuously modernize our infrastructure.

Manufacturing Unit

Our factory is a fully automated, fully furnished, roomy, cutting edge lubricant blending facility with a high production capacity and enough storage space. 7.2 million litres of lubricants are expected to be produced annually. To support research and development efforts, our laboratory is also furnished with the most recent equipment. We are able to develop products of a high calibre as a result of our contemporary and well-equipped laboratory.

This factory can produce 20,000 litter of oil per day at its maximum capacity. It is outfitted with cutting-edge machinery that can fill, label, and pack more than 100 goods per day. In addition to a sizable production facility, WELCO Lubricants is committed to maintaining its quality. To that end, this facility has a team of highly skilled quality maintenance and control unit personnel who monitor and maintain production quality.

Quality Assurance 

  • We have state-of-the-art research facilities, laboratories, and personnel, all of whom are highly trained, experienced, and specialized.
  • By offering services and goods of the highest caliber in a prompt, economical manner that satisfy both client and ISO requirements.
  • Internal audits and continuing evaluations of the organizations quality policy, manuals, procedures, and objectives will be used to provide a framework for assessing the effectiveness, suitability, and continual improvement of the overall quality management system.
  • Our company is wholly committed to upholding a Quality Management System, and it is essential that all employees embrace this duty and adhere to the established system criteria.
  • All employees are made aware of this policy through the company's orientation programme, individual distribution, prominent posting on the notice boards, and recurrent emphasis during internal training programmes.

Quality Standards

We opened the countrys first cutting-edge lube oil mixing facility that complies with international standards and uses cutting-edge technology. We assist our clients in succeeding by developing a personal rapport and providing advice. We create sophisticated, effective, high-performance lubricants using our aspirational technical concepts and knowledgeable, skilled personnel. The development of the performance and protection features of lubricants is being spearheaded by Welco Lubricant Company. Utilising cutting-edge lubricant, we continuously develop and improve formulation.

Quality Policy 

The Welco Lubricants philosophy has always been to gain customers trust by providing high-quality goods at fair rates with quick shipping. Our clients receive value for their money as a result, and we have a competitive advantage over our rivals. In the lubricant industry, we may have established the benchmarks throughout the course of our 28-year history, but we continue to take a cutting-edge brands youthful and innovative stance. Our greatest strength has always been the calibre, quick thinking, and distinctive level of effort put out by our staff. By actively fostering a work atmosphere where individual and cultural diversity are appreciated and valued, we aggressively recruit people in order to attract, develop, and maintain a great workforce.

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